Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I post a Job Ad on your site?
    Currently we receive Job Ads by email
    The Ads are posted to the appropriate Job Site of your choice.
    You will receive a confirmation of the posting and an invoice will be mailed out
    to your billing address. Typically we post the Ads by the end of the day.

  • How much does it cost to post an Ad?
    Our rate is $125 for 120 day listing on the site of your choice. Also we
    send the Ad to our Niche Jobseeker mailing list.

  • How many Job Sites are part of your network?
    We have several niche job sites : HR, Purchasing and Supply, Medical,
    Chemistry, Physics, Materials, Welding, Economics, Selling and Branding
    and Computer Science. Go to for a complete listing.

  • Do you post Resumes on your site?
    No, we currently do not have resumes on our site.

  • Are you a Recruiter or a Headhunter?
    No, we are a niche recruitment advertiser only. We do not hire or recruit or
    interview or send resumes to employers. Jobseekers should
    contact employers directly.

  • Who are your customers?
    We accept Job advertisements from Recruitment Advertisers, Direct Employers
    and Recruiters or Headhunters.

  • Where do you post the Jobs? I can't find it.
    Jobs are posted on the main page of the niche sites.
    You will find it as you scroll down the main page. Click on the ad title
    to veiw the complet ad.

  • Do you have any free ad space on your sites?
    Employers/Recruiters/AdAgencies have the option of using our Niche
    discussion boards to post their requirements for FREE.

  • How do you differentiate your service from your competitors?
    We focus on providing the Job Ads directly on the main page of our sites.
    This enables high visibility for your ads and jobseekers do not have to search.
    We have over 2000 domain or internet addresses targeting the several niche areas, this
    enables us to get traffic from search engines (over 25%). We provide
    easy to remember niche discussion boards for jobseekers and employers. In all the niche
    areas we are either the first or second to market.

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